Room 12

How does sound make us feel?

How does sound make us feel?

How do colours and Images make us feel?

How do colours and Images make us feel?

Welcome to Primary 3 Room 12
Mrs Montague and Mrs Walker are very excited about our learning journey this session.

We are looking forward to meeting as many parents/carers as possible on Friday 6th September 2019 at 1:45 p.m. for the Drop In Session.

We will be able to show you your child’s classroom and explain about topics we are learning as well as our homework procedures.


Homework will generally consist of Spelling and Phonics issued on a Monday to be handed in by the Friday of the same week.

Depending on your child’s group, Maths and Reading homework will be issued on a Tuesday or a Wednesday but all homework should be completed for the Monday of the following week. We hope this gives you more flexibility so you are not restricted to doing homework during weeknights only.

Other topic related homework will be issued but these will usually be project based and we will explain timescales on issue.

We plan to use Google Classroom to allow you to access homework on line and hope this helps with reducing paper as well as  avoiding work being ‘lost’ in bags. We will be encouraging children to take responsibility for recording their homework in their diaries. Please check your child’s diary every day and use this to communicate with the teacher. Every Friday the teacher and your child will comment on their week and receive their ‘Shine at Chatelherault’ recognition.

More details will be sent about homework soon, please let us know if you have trouble accessing a computer at home and of course, paper copies can always be made available.


The Vikings Are Coming! 

Our Social Studies topic this term is the ‘Vikings’. We are planning to visit a Viking Museum and showcase our learning by hosting an Assembly. Please start to talk at home with your child about Vikings, read stories and do some research to encourage their interest in this area. More details about our plans will be sent out over the next few weeks.

We also hope to forge strong links with the local care home and we will be visiting them to share our learning throughout the session. We will be looking for parents /carers to join us on our outings, if you wish to help us anytime please make sure you have an up to date PVG – if not please contact the office and we will arrange this.

Artbeam and the Local Museum – Visions For The Mind

We have linked with Hamilton Museum and FreeRange ArtFarm to use Art and Sound Beams to express our feelings towards a range of artwork. We will have 3 school sessions in September and plan to visit the museum on Tuesday IMG_1231[1]24th September 2019 to present our work. More details to follow but we look forward to family and friends coming along to see us.

Please keep checking this page to see photos and information about our class.



Global Goals Glasses

Global Goals Glasses

Visions For The Mind Lesson 1 Feelings from images and sound

Visions For The Mind
Lesson 1
Feelings from images and sound



Victoria concentrating on creating a dramatic sound effect.


We enjoyed reading Bambi that Shaun brought in from home. Remember to read for 10 minutes before bed every night!


Bring in your Out of School Achievements! Well done Victoria.