Home Learning

Home Learning

The links below can be used to access home learning for your child if they are absent from school because they have been instructed to self isolate.

The resources include activities that cover the entire breadth of Numeracy and Literacy and are intended to be used alongside an email from your child’s class teacher that will identify specific activities that link to the learning which is taking place in school that week.

In the event of a full lock-down, where schools are closed to all pupils, the model for Home Learning will include a weekly email from your child’s class teacher along with the use of Google Classroom. Teachers are continuing to use Google Classroom in school to support children in using this resource effectively to ensure learners are as confident as possible should there be another school closure.


Room1 – Miss Carberry                                        Room 3 – Mrs McIntyre

Room 12 – Mrs Bear             Room 13 – Mrs Corns

Room 14 – Mrs McCreadie                                   Room 15 – Mrs Bovil

Room 16 – Miss Moore                                         Room 17 Mrs Lochhead

Room 18 – Miss Cunningham