Guides to using Google Classroom and Home Learning

Home Learning

For many parents Glow and Google Classroom are new platforms which they are using at home to support their child’s Home Learning.

A collection of support materials can be accessed by clicking the links below. These are intended to give parents and carers detailed guidance; however, if you are experiencing challenges regarding any aspect of Home Learning please do not hesitate to contact a member of the school team by calling the school on 01698 282 929 or sending an email to

Support Materials

Live Streamed Lessons

This guide provides information for you and your child that are specific to the use of Google Meets within Google Classroom. This will be the platform for our live streamed lessons during lockdown.

South Lanarkshire Council’s guide to Video Conferencing with Learners for Parents & Carers

Google Classroom Basics

If you are looking for some help with getting logged into Glow and finding your way around Google Classroom please take a look at the link below. It covers all the basics: what apps are available on Glow, where to find your child’s work and how to submit tasks.

Google Classroom Parent helpsheet

Logging into Glow on an Android device or Chromebook

So the children know their Glow login details, your child has logged into Glow but you can’t get access to Google Classroom on your child’s Android tablet/phone or Chromebook. This is a common issue and one which can be resolved by following the steps in this easy to follow  guide. If this doesn’t work contact the school and a member of the team will help to get you started on Google Classroom.

Logging into Google Classroom on a Chromebook or Android device