Eco Committee

2019–2021 Eco News

The Chatelherault Eco-Committee have carried out an Environmental Review and have drawn up an Action Plan  for the whole school to work on over the next two years. This plan  will provide opportunities for children to become more aware of issues such as recycling, litter, biodiversity, food waste, healthy living, school grounds, transport and global citizenship making our school more sustainable.  The children are the driving force behind the Committee which meets on a regular basis to discuss new ideas and plan activities aimed at increasing environmental awareness.

Introducing This years Eco Team


For the next 2 years our focus will be

  •  Litter
  •  Food and the environment
  •  Biodiversity

The Eco committee have met to develop an action plan with lots of challenges and activities working on the three chosen areas. The Eco-Committee created an Eco Code.

eco code

We have been busy planting bulbs around the school and can’t wait to see them bloom in Spring time and we have been writing to local companies to source seeds and vegetables to grow.   In November we joined up with the Animal Ambassadors and made bird feeders to encourage more bird to visit the woodlands. We had great fun and have noticed some new birds visiting lately!

The Eco committee also looked at how to reduce the amount of paper towels we use (and waste ) throughout the year. We looked at the usage , the amount of towels designated weekly. During our audit we noticed that a lot of paper towels were in bins unused and friends were using  too many paper towels to try their hands and many were still dry.  The Eco-Committee visited classes to share the news and designed posters to discourage children from wasting paper towels. Room 15 also researched the possibility of  hand driers in toilets and presented their findings to Mrs Winters-McCann.

We have litter patrollers in the playground picking up any items of litter in the play ground and Room 11 and 15 highlighted the issues of plastics and the possibility of introducing  a recycling bin  in the playground. The Eco committee will be looking into this. Room 15 made fantastic posters highlighting the dangers of plastics to the environment and wildlife.

plastic poster 2plastic posters


Lockdown Ideas

Why not try creating  some art using natural resources? Here are a couple of examples….

artnature picpatterns

30 Days of Wilderness

Over the next 30 days why not take part in the Wilderness challenge.  If you would like to take part , I have attached to link below.  You might need to copy and paste this link into your web browser.


You’ll be able to download a wallchart to track and plan your month, a nature table template, an activity passport, a colouring-in window poster, and 30 Days Wild bingo!  They will also send you emails from when you sign-up until the end of the challenge, with extra resources and things to do.

We would love to see any photographs of you taking part in the challenge. Please email these to your teacher.

Summer Eco Courses  

Eco Schools Scotland are also running courses for children over the next few weeks and summer , some fabulous opportunities , please see the link below:


Eco Week

Please click Eco Week Grid

We have received some fantastic photographs of children learning about Biodiversity, participating in the One Planet Picnic, Wild Bingo  and even making compost! Here are a small selection of photographs from our  ‘Remote Learning Eco Week.’

J one planet picnic  IMG_7146IMG_7147compost

compost2 Jeriel-butterflyanimakersnail

picnic 1picnic 2wild bingoC planet picnic

Robbie in Primary 1 made a fantastic  Eco model of a subway train, platform and tunnel using recycled materials he found at home! So creative and super recycling Robbie.


A huge thank you to the children and parents who returned the survey about hints and tips for saving food.  We have collated the results and there are some brilliant ideas for saving food, please click on the link below  . Thank you all!

tips for saving food