Room 8

Welcome to Room 8

In Room 8 we are all friends.  We start every day with our morning song and welcome everybody back in to school that day.  This year we have been learning lots of things.  Some of the things we have been learning will be shared on our website.  We hope you enjoy looking at all of the fun times we have had.

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  • Mrs Hughes will be supported by Mrs Scott (all week), Mrs Marcuccilli (Tue-Thur) and Mrs Brown (Mon and Fri) in the classroom.
  • Mrs MacDonald will teach the children on a Tuesday afternoon and will cover exciting things such as baking in our Cosy Café and Science!
  • For those who choose and pay for school lunch, lunch costs £1.65 and milk costs 20p – correct change is appreciated.
  • P.E. Days are Thursday and Friday – we will join Room 13 for P.E.
  • Homework is handed out on a Monday and collected on a Friday.  If there are any homework queries please contact through communication diaries or by calling the school office.

Adverse Weather

As we head into the winter months we are aware that transport to and from school can be challenging.  In the event that children cannot make it into school here are some activities they can do at home:

  • Help make a snack or meal – can you follow a recipe?
  • Set up a play shop at home.  Use real coins to buy things from the shop.  Can you work out how much change you would receive?
  • RM EasiMaths – Log onto – you will find the EasiMaths tile there.  If your child is registered to use it they will have their Log In their communication folder.
  • Keep a diary of your Snow Day – What activities did you do? Who did you do them with?  What did you enjoy about your snow day?
  • Read a book or comic for enjoyment or listen to a story from tell someone at home about the story. 

You can also log onto some of the following websites which has lots of activities:

British Science Week 2019 – 14.3.19

This week we made the most of British Science week and looked at growing seeds.  We decorated our own Cress Head plant pot and planted some cress seeds using only cotton wool soaked in water.  Did you know that cress can grow without soil?  All they need is a moist area which can be created with wet paper towels or cotton wool.  This reduces the amount of nitrates the crop absorbs which makes the cress taste less bitter.  Hopefully our seeds “Cress Heads” will grow some hair and we can use the cress to make a tasty snack. Here are some photos of our science afternoon:

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 and JASS Award

Room 8 and 11 are beginning their Junior Award Scheme Journey and launched this as part of their Fairtrade Coffee Morning.  We have been learning all about Fairtrade including how to make good choices in the supermarket.  We created a Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade trolley, we used Fairtrade coffee to create coffee art and we wrote statements that Pablo the Super-Banana would be proud of.  On Friday (8.3.19) we invited our parents in for some Fairtrade treats and a hot drink.  Parents had the chance to learn all about our Fairtrade activities and how this has kick-started our “Me and My World” section of JASS Award.

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World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 brought Room 8 lots of opportunities to have fun whilst learning.  We enjoyed listening to the story “Elmer” by David McKee.  We loved how all of the elephants accepted how different Elmer was and loved the joy he brought to the herd.  We used the ideas in the story to create our own designs for Elmer Day and decorated our classroom door.

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Embracing our digital skills we used the school iPads to design a new front cover for Elmer using the app Toon Tastic which has a create tool.  Here we are designing our front covers:

6 58 9 10

Of course, the best part of World Book Day is dressing up and Room 8 had a very scary experience when a T-Rex visited for the day! We were all very scared until we realised it was the first ever friendly T-Rex!

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More Christmas Fun

During this last week of the term we have been enjoying more Christmas fun in class. We had a special visitor who brought us some presents.  Here are some of the photos of our visitor:

IMG_20181219_133822 IMG_20181219_133759 IMG_20181219_133723 IMG_20181219_133730 IMG_20181219_133810 IMG_20181219_133730

We have also enjoyed making some lovely crafts and baking.  It has been a very festive week.  Here are some more photos of the fun we have been having:

IMG_20181220_142203 IMG_20181220_142015 IMG_20181220_142203 IMG_20181220_141506 IMG_20181220_141535 IMG_20181220_141620 IMG_20181220_141806


Christmas Fun in Room 8

We have been having lots of fun preparing for Christmas in class.  We have been practising our songs to sing on stage with Rooms 13 and 14 for our Christmas Extravaganza as well as making Christmas crafts to sell.

We have been wearing our Christmas jumpers and have been full of festive spirit.

IMG_20181213_091610_resized_20181213_103157444 IMG_20181213_091634_resized_20181213_103158777 IMG_20181213_091849_resized_20181213_103159160 IMG_20181213_102052_resized_20181213_103158353


We have also enjoyed making Christmas crafts including personalised Snow Globe Baubles and Handprint Christmas Wreaths:

IMG_20181213_113332_resized_20181213_031408894 IMG_20181213_113352_resized_20181213_031407160 IMG_20181213_113409_resized_20181213_031404830 IMG_20181213_113448_resized_20181213_031408463 IMG_20181213_135014_resized_20181213_031406721 IMG_20181213_135119_resized_20181213_031406207 IMG_20181213_143052_resized_20181213_031408041 IMG_20181213_143222_resized_20181213_031405316

Some of us even practised our letters in the “snow” and decorated a Christmas tree using the Clever Touch:

IMG_20181213_094256_resized_20181213_103233957 IMG_20181213_094307_resized_20181213_103234525



Hamilton Accies – 12.12.18

We had a fantastic third session at Hamilton Accies today.  We all played so well together and really worked on our social skills.  Some of us played football together and some built sandcastles with our friends.  We even had a little sing-a-long to ‘Baby Shark’.  We can’t wait for our next session after Christmas and New Year.

IMG_20181212_131105_resized_20181212_032537592 IMG_20181212_130945_resized_20181212_032536606 IMG_20181212_125256_resized_20181212_032530596 IMG_20181212_125320_resized_20181212_032534157 IMG_20181212_131311_resized_20181212_032531302 IMG_20181212_131812_resized_20181212_032535216 IMG_20181212_130749_resized_20181212_032531877 IMG_20181212_130900_resized_20181212_032535665

Accies Cinema Trip – 10.12.18

Today we made a trip to the cinema room in Accies stadium.  We enjoyed watching Polar Express and having a little cinema snack.  It really put us in the Christmas Spirit and we hope  we can visit it again in the future.

IMG_20181210_120657_resized_20181212_040429712 IMG_20181210_120730_resized_20181212_040428875

Hamilton Accies

We have been very lucky to have 5 weeks using the facilities at Hamilton Accies.  We have all enjoyed time in the sensory room. the play park and the beach park.  We have been working on our social skills and enjoying playing together. Here are some photos of the fun we have been having:

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St. Andrew’s Day – 30.11.18


Room 8 loved learning all about Scottish traditions and culture on St. Andrew’s Day.  We had a go at some dancing to Ceilidh music, tried some tasty Scottish food (although nobody was keen on haggis), wrote some poems about Scotland as well as creating a Scottish flag and thistle.  We had a super day!  Here are some photos for you to see:

20181130_101928_resized 20181130_101835_resized 20181130_101812_resized 20181130_101804_resized 20181130_101758_resized 20181130_100327_resized 20181130_100324_resized 20181130_100318_resized 20181130_100259_resized 20181130_093740_resized


Week 1

During our first week we enjoyed exploring the woods.  We each used the saw to cut off a piece of a large branch to turn into a tree cookie.  The tree cookie will be decorated with our names and this will be part of our Forest Schools uniform.  We also went on a mini beast hunt and found lots of creepy crawlies.

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Week 2

During week two we used sticks and yarn to make picture frames.  We then posed for our Forest School portrait.  Look at our lovely photos:

_20181001_150723 _20181001_150626 _20181001_150548 _20181001_150643 _20181001_150839 _20181001_150816 _20181001_150748

Week 3

Unfortunately, we experienced a weather warning which stopped us from exploring the woods this week.  That didn’t stop us from having fun.  We used another classroom to make forest bugs from pinecones and yarn and finished our tree cookies.  Mr Whitelock even let us use the huge drill.

_20181008_143940 _20181008_143833 _20181008_143656 _20181008_143427 _20181008_143321 _20181008_142421

Week 4

This week we joined exploring the woods and literacy.  We went on a scavenger hunt to find all of the hidden balloons, each one with a hidden letter.  We put all of the letters together to crack the code.  The special word read “Mini Beasts”.

_20181022_150430 _20181022_150405 _20181022_150309 _20181022_150254 _20181022_150231 _20181022_150154

Week 5

This week has been great fun!! Mr Whitelock brought out the hammock and we all had a chance to relax in the little cocoon and gaze into the trees and sky above.  We also went on a nature hunt looking for leaves and branches to tell what types of trees and bushes we have in the forest.  We even managed to find what we think might have been a dinosaur footprint!!

_20181029_143940 _20181029_144230 _20181029_144308 _20181029_145638 _20181029_145810 _20181029_144126 _20181029_144019

Gymnastics 29.8.18

Room 8 are very lucky and will be attending 6 weeks of gymnastics lessons.  This week was our first visit and everyone had great fun.  We had the chance to learn about floor work, trampoline jumping, walking on the beam and even swinging on the bars.  Our budding gymnasts will continue to work hard on their skills over the coming weeks and hopefully even offer to show what they have learned at home.  Here are some photos to show how hard we worked:

20180829_112825_resized 20180829_112735_resized 20180829_112707_resized 20180829_112451_resized 20180829_112446_resized 20180829_112027_resized 20180829_112008_resized 20180829_111926_resized 20180829_111538_resized 20180829_110942_resized

Rights Respecting Schools Award


Just before the summer holidays, Chatelherault received the Bronze Rights Respecting Schools Award. This year we are beginning the journey to our Silver Award.  Room 8 started the preparation for creating the Class Charter by learning about our wants and needs.  The children learned that things such as clothing, nutritious food, clean water are things that we need, whereas things such as TV, designer clothes and bikes are things that children want but do not need to be healthy and safe.

20180817_114758_resized 20180817_114800_resized 20180817_114806_resized 20180817_114825_resizedClass Photo