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*In case of any snow days*

As we all know the great Scottish weather can be slightly unpredictable at times so in the event of any schools closures due to snow days here are some activities that you can try at home to support the learning going on in class.

Maths:  RM easimaths, topmarks, practice our adding and subtracting using numbers up to 100, practice dancing with Bridget the Lion to help us with our two times table.

Literacy: Continue with reading books but also continue to read for pleasure. Think of new and creative ways that you can spell your common words.

Topic: Keep an eye on the weather and keep a diary of what you have seen, have you noticed any big changes in the weather? Try putting a cup or an empty bottle outside and see if you can measure the rain.

Class trip to the National Museum of Scotland

We really enjoyed our trip to the National Museum of Scotland. We took part in a Viking workshop. We explored how Vikings traded and even got the chance to use some Viking currency to buy some items. We also got the chance to investigate Viking burial traditions and graveyards and were able to answer some questions about them. Not only this but we also explored some Viking artefacts and had a think about what they were used for. After a busy morning filled with Viking fun we explored the Museum. We had a great day and learned lots of new and interesting facts. Here are some pictures of our day:

IMG_0326 IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0332IMG_0338IMG_0333IMG_0337IMG_0339IMG_0340IMG_0342IMG_0347IMG_0348IMG_0349IMG_0350IMG_0351IMG_0352IMG_0354IMG_0355IMG_0356IMG_0359IMG_0360IMG_0362IMG_0363IMG_0366IMG_0367IMG_0368IMG_0369IMG_0361

Our Glasgow Topic

We have started our new topic, Glasgow. We are investigating the weather in Glasgow so we split into teams and made rain gauges.  We are going to bury them in the woods and will measure and record the rainfall each week. I wonder what team will catch the most rain?

IMG_0255   Team Rocket

IMG_0259 Team Unicorn

IMG_0260 The Bagel Monkeys

IMG_0258 Team Glasgow

IMG_0257 The Smarties


Forest Schools

We have been doing some outdoor learning at Forest schools over the past few weeks. We have been using our imaginations and have had lots of adventures. So far we have made dens using rope, tarpaulin, sticks and trees. We have been making wands using sticks, feathers and wool and have also been hunting for any interesting and unusual items. Not only this but we got the chance to use flint and steel to make our own fires!

Here are some pictures of us in action…


fs7 fs fs 3 fs 4 fs5fs 2  fs 1IMG_0313 IMG_0315

2/10/18 – Measuring

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Room 3 have been learning about measuring and have been finding things outside in the school playground and the woods that they can measure. We have been measuring with our hands, our feet, scales, rulers, measuring tape, and also measuring time and distance.

Stem – Purposeful play Maths

Can you make a bridge using any materials you can find in the class. The bridge must be strong enough to carry 1 Lego car and must also be wide enough for the car to go under.

Here are our ideas…..

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Autumn time – conker challenge

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The children loved walking down to the conker tree and finding conkers.They need to weigh them and find something that weighs the same/double the weight/half the weight

Maths week Scotland

It’s #Mathsweekscotland this week and the children in room 3 have all been enjoying doing fun maths activities and are all engaged in their learning. #digitallearning #outdoorlearning #bletherstations #subtractionsnakesandladders #loopcards #fortunetellertimestables

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Welcome back to the Room 3 website page. Its a new session and we have a new class in room 3. Some of the children are the same, but we will be doing lots of different and exciting things.

All of the children have settled well and are excited about their learning.