Room 3

W/B 30th March

In Literacy this week we are working on activities using the ‘wh’ sound. Our new common words are ‘out, now and new’.  We will be practising our new words through  speed writing and using our alphabet cards. In Writing we will be drawing our own Robot, writing a description about what it looks like and what special skills it has. We will be using connectives and WOW words to make our writing interesting. We will also be looking at the characters in our reading books.

In Numeracy we are continuing to consolidate our addition and subtraction skills within 10. We will be using RM Easi-maths to help us with our Number bonds.

We will also be extending our French vocabulary using www., focussing on classroom objects.


W/B 16th March

This week we are working on activities using the ‘ch’ sound. We have been continuing to work on developing our addition skills and are being introduced to the concept of subtraction. We have also been exploring symmetry and using the clocks to display and read ‘o’clock’ times.

We have been playing lots of games to develop our literacy and numeracy skills.



Primary 1 – August 2019

Welcome to Primary 1! 

I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and is ready to start our new adventure! We are going to have lots of fun in Primary 1 and make lots of new friends. Room 1 and Room 3 will be learning together and we will have plenty of opportunities to work collaboratively with all of our Primary 1 friends. 

Our gym days this year will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure children have shorts, t-shirt or polo shirt and indoor gym shoes. It would be great if all clothes and shoes are labelled with your child’s name to ensure things get back to the right home :)

Homework will generally be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday. 

We have a very exciting term ahead and look forward to posting our achievements on our page. Keep checking for updates on what we have been learning !

Mrs McIntyre


We have had a really busy first few weeks in Primary 1, settling in, making new friends and learning lots of new things in class and around the school.

In Literacy we have been hearing stories about Kipper, Biff and Chip. We have written some great stories about the characters and have really enjoyed playing the Splat game to help us recognise the names.

We have been learning about the letter ‘a’ and are becoming great at forming the letter correctly.

We have visited the nursery to read our stories to our nursery friends.

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In Numeracy we have been working hard to write and form our numbers the correct way and have been busy doing lots of activities, including chalk playground writing, rainbow numbers, write and wipe cards and fun games on the C- Touch.


We are looking at Materials as part of our Science programme and can name different types of materials. We heard the story of the 3 Little Pigs and discussed the materials they used to build their houses. We used various materials to build houses and tried to blow them down! 


We are looking forward to showing you our classroom on Friday 6th of September, see you then.


We have had great fun making, reading and writing our new words using the magnetic boards!



We had great fun during our Numeracy Open Morning in October. Thank you for coming along!  

We were weighing different kinds of food, buying tasty treats using pennies, creating our own recipes for pizza and making symmetry pizzas too.  We had a busy morning!

IMG_7360           IMG_7361      IMG_7363                                                IMG_7364

IMG_7366                   IMG_7367IMG_7368     Our pizzas tasted delicious! 



We have been exploring 2D shapes over the last couple of weeks.

 We printed shape pictures with paint, created shape houses, sorted shape letters, used carpet shapes to practise tiling, looked at shapes around the school, made dough shapes and played shape games on the C Touch.

We have had great fun!

shape photo             shape picture2

shape 3




Over the past two weeks we have been having a great time learning outdoors. We have been exploring the woods, hunting for bugs, making magic wands, chilling in the hammock, feeding the birds, using the saw to make wood cookies and best of all , drinking hot chocolate.  Thankfully the weather has been kind to us and we have had so much fun with our friends!


IMG_0246    IMG_0252