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Welcome to Primary 2!

Welcome to Room 2’s web page with Primary 2 and Miss McInally, the place to find out all about what the boys and girls in Room 2 have been learning. We will add lots of information and pictures to this page to keep you updated on everything we have been doing.

Here is some important information about Room 2:

Homework will be issued on a Monday and collected in on a Friday.

Please remember to send in the reading book everyday so we can use it in class.

Gym days are on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Please make sure your child has suitable clothes – shorts or jogging bottoms, a t-shirt or polo shirt and suitable indoor shoes to take part in gym. We remove jewellery for gym to keep everyone safe and this is kept on pupil’s tables, so please remove this for gym days or send in plasters to cover earrings if these cannot be removed.


(October 2019)

We’ve been learning all about our Rights and why they are important. Today we learned about Article 6 The Right to Life. We talked about what this meant and worked in groups to think of everything that adults needed to do to make sure this Right was met – we found it lots of other Rights were included in this!

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Instruction Writing

(October 2019)

In Room 2 we’ve been learning all about instructions – how to read them and how to write them. We followed instructions to make some tasty empire biscuits which helped us understand different features included in this type of writing.

20191011_10191220191011_102225 20191011_102208 20191011_102102

After reading and following the instructions we wrote our own instructions on how to make these delicious biscuits! We also had a great time eating them! Yum!

20191011_102844 20191011_102347 20191011_102329 20191011_102315 20191011_102304 20191011_102251

Percy the Park Keeper

(September 2019)

We’ve been reading stories about Percy the Park Keeper and learning all about nature. We had a special visit from Lindsay at the Scottish Wildlife Trust on Friday. She brought along lots of different animals for us to look at and we learned so much about their habitats, food chains and how to look after our environment.

20190920_140742 20190920_14230420190920_144117 20190920_14361920190920_142927 20190920_142622

Oor Wullie’s Big Farewell

(September 2019)


We had a fantastic day at Oor Wullie’s Big Farewell in the SEC with Room 12. We were fantastic role models for the school as we travelled by train to the SEC!


We at great fun at the festival. There were lots of things to see and do. We even met some famous faces!

 20190913_113543 20190913_122105 20190913_122148 20190913_112110 20190913_112507

Reading Buddies

(September 2019)

We’ve been enjoying reading with our reading buddies everyday!

20190916_132942 20190916_132923 20190916_132944


(August/September 2019)

Since we started Primary 2 we’ve been doing lots of measuring – length, weight, capacity and area! We’ve had great fun using the scales, measuring our heights and exploring the capacity of different containers.

20190909_135937 20190909_135407 20190909_135331 20190909_135321