Room 2

Welcome to Primary 2!

Welcome to Room 2’s web page, the place to find out all about what the boys and girls in Room 2 have been doing. Miss McInally is in on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Mrs Walker is in on a Wednesday. We will add lots of information and photos about what we have been learning about and doing in Room 2.

Here is some important information about Room 2:

Homework will be issued on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. Please remember to send in the reading book everyday so we can use it in class.

Gym days are on Wednesdays’s and Friday’s. Please make sure your child has suitable clothes – shorts or jogging bottoms, a t-shirt or polo shirt and suitable indoor shoes to take part in gym. We remove jewellery for gym to keep everyone safe and this is kept on pupil’s tables, so please remove this for gym days or send in plasters to cover earrings if these cannot be removed.

Forest School

We have started our six week block of Forest School! It’s very muddy and lots of fun. Have a look at week 1.

file1 file-1 file1-1 file1-2 file-2

Unfortunately week 2 was cancelled due to high winds and a weather warning. Fingers crossed everything will be okay for week 3!

November 2018


We are learning about symmetry this week. We’ve had fun creating symmetrical paintings and pictures and examining different pictures and characters using a mirror to see if they are symmetrical!


We had a Karate taster session this week and got to try our hands at being karate masters! We learned different moves and even got to punch a teacher!

Fruit Tasting

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy. We have talked about all the different food groups and learned about where food comes from. Today we made our own fruit kebabs and tasted lots of different fruits. We learned that we all have different tastes!

October 2018

TKD Taster

We had great fun learning new skills at our Tae Kwon Do taster. We played lots of games, learned a new hold and had some fun!

20181023_115114 20181023_115604 20181023_120158 20181023_120215 20181023_120228

Reading Buddies

We have started reading with our P5 reading buddies every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Each week we will read to our buddies or listen to our buddies read, sharing our favourite stories, hearing new ones and sharing our writing with each other.

20181030_133051 20181030_133101 20181030_133103

Active Spelling

We have been working hard with our spelling this month and we have tried out lots of different ways to practise our words. Here are a few photos of our favourites!

20181023_111555 20181022_120758

                          Whiteboards                                                          Play doh

20181022_120740 20181022_120729

                 Sand trays                                         Smelly spelling


            Secret spelling


Room 2 have been working with Mrs Walker to arrange the Harvest collection for the school assembly. We learned all about Harvest and made information posters to post within our local community.

file4-2 file3-2 file1-3 20181022_095903

Look how many donations we collected for the local food bank. Everyone should be so proud for helping such a worthwhile cause!


Fairyland Topic – Castle Building

We worked together to create our very own castles for Fairyland. Thank you to everyone who sent in materials for us to build. We had a great time building our castles and they look fantastic!

20181011_135701 20181011_135741 20181011_135751 20181011_141647



We’ve been learning all about instruction writing and we’ve even been writing our very own instructions. We planted beanstalks and made empire biscuits before writing instructions. The empire biscuits were yummy!

20181011_113758 20181011_113813 20181011_113818 20181011_113821 20181011_113929


We’ve been doing lots of hard work in literacy and have started to look at grammar. We were learning all about nouns and proper nouns. We found lots of examples in our school and in our reading books.

 20181009_121632 20181009_121642  20181009_121703 20181009_121732

Visit to the Library (1/10/18)

We visited the library today! We learned all about the library – where the children’s books are kept, how to find a book and about different types of books. We then got to listen to a great story before walking back up to school. Some children have brought home a form to get their very own library card. This can be returned to the school or taken to the library yourself.

DSC02612 DSC02613 DSC02614 DSC02615

September 2018

Fairyland Topic


We all worked together to create Jack’s beanstalk. We painted the big stalk, decorated, coloured and painted leaves and cut them all out.

20180906_135150 20180906_135219 20180906_135223 20180906_135227 20180906_135234 20180906_140420


We heard the story of the Giant Turnip and reenacted different scenes in groups. We loved pretending to carry giant vegetables and to pull out the giant turnip.

DSC02494 DSC02497

Letter From the Dragon

Room 2 and Room 4 have had a visit from a magic dragon! We were so excited to find a letter from the dragon after lunch, along with lots of magic glitter! The dragon has asked us to help rebuild Fairyland and we thought about everything we could do to help. We can’t wait to get started!

DSC02511 DSC02509 DSC02512


The Rectangles and squares have been learning all about numbers to 100. We learned about place value and then worked in pairs to put different numbers in order.

DSC02586 DSC02587 DSC02590 DSC02591

August 2018

Purposeful Play

We’ve enjoyed the new things at Purposeful Play this month. We’ve been listening to stories, making music, painting some fantastic pictures, building fabulous creations and playing in the house!

DSC02479 DSC02481 DSC02482 DSC02488 DSC02490 DSC02491

We’ve had a great start to Primary 2! We’ve spent the first few days talking about our favourite things and getting to know each other.