Room 18 – Primary 7

Welcome to Room 18 with Miss Cunningham!

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March 2019


P7 Fun Day – Thursday 28th February 2019






STEM Challenge – February 2019

This week, Primary 7 have been learning about the structure of Brooklyn Bridge as part of their New York topic. They were faced with the challenge of constructing their own 50cm bridge, which could hold the weight of a can of tomato soup. Their teamwork skills definitely paid off, as each team was successful! 

IMG_2608 IMG_2609 IMG_2610 IMG_2611 IMG_2612Stem 1 Stem 2 Stem 3 Stem 4

Adverse Weather Activities

In case we are unable to get to school due to weather conditions, here are some activities you could try at home:

  • Continue to read your class novel or a book of your own choice. Remember we have recently wrote our Reading Resolutions :).
  • Practice your spelling words in the snow and take some pictures of these. These could be posted on Google classroom for your peers to see.
  • RM Easimaths.
  • Use Google Earth to explore the popular attractions in New York City. Can you which street they are on?

January 2019

Rooms 17 and 18 visited the Abbey Dale Care Home to sing a Scottish song and recite some poetry. We had a lovely morning and are looking forward to visiting again!

Care Home Photo

Some of our P7’s taking part in a recent Sports Hall athletics event. Well done to all of you for taking part!

Sports Hall

Culloden Battlefield – Class Trip 30th October 2018

Culloden 1 Culloden 2

Lockerbie Manor

A few snaps of our amazing time at Lockerbie Manor, it will definitely be a trip we’ll never forget!

Lockerbie 1 Lockerbie 2 Lockerbie 3 Lockerbie 4 Lockerbie 5 Lockerbie 6

House Captain Speeches

100_4127 100_4129 100_4130 100_4131 100_4132 100_4133 100_4134 100_4135 100_4136 100_4137 100_4140 100_4141 100_4142

We are looking forward to a very exciting and memorable year in Room 18. Have a look at our class page to find updates of our learning throughout the year.

“We are learning about the human rights and picking out the most important ones for the class charter. We are also making super hero’s to represent our class charter.”

By Emily and Darcy

100_4107 100_4110 100_4112 100_4114