Room 17 – Primary 6/7

 Room 17

Week Beginning 16th March 2020

In literacy we have been focusing on the following chapters:

  • Cracking Capitals: Divided City Chapters 22-28
  • Perfect Parentheses: Krindlekrax Chapters 25-36

In numeracy we have been working on the following:

  • Perfect Percentages: fractions, using equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers.
  • Divine Decimals: Percentages and that they are another way to show hundredths. Working out simple percentages of the cost of items. linking percentages with fractions and decimals.

As part of out IDL topic work on Chine we have been focusing on the Terracotta Army.



Universal Connections


Floristy 3Floristy 6

Floristy 5

Floristy 2Floristy 1

P7 Fun Day


Fun day 4Fund Day 3

Fun Day 2Fun Day 1



Halloween 5Halloween 4

Halloween 1

Halloween 3Halloween 2

WWII Topic

WW2 4 WW2 3

WW2 2  WW2 1

WW2 5 WW2 7

WW2 8 WW2 9

WW2 10 WW2 11

VR Headsets

Room 17 had a great time using the VR headsets. We visited Pearl Harbour, the beaches of Normandy and Hiroshima.


Bikeability Level 1


A huge well done to the Primary 6’s who all passed their level 1 Bikeability award.


Bonfire Safety Posters

Bonfire Safety

Forest School

September 2019

Forest School 1 Forest School 4Forest School 3

Forest School 8 Forest School 6

Forest School 2

Forest School 5 Forest School 7 Forest School 12 Forest School 11

We have had a great first week getting to know each other in our new class. For our Primary 7 pupils it will be their final year at Chatelherault Primary School and we hope to make some fantastic memories along the way.

The class page will allow us to share the learning journey in class as well as any fun events. Our P.E. days are on a Tuesday and a Thursday each week. Please bring a full P.E. kit on these days.

Lockerbie Manor

Our trip to the outdoor learning centre, Lockerbie Manor will take place from Monday 26th August until Friday 30th August. More information can be found on our school website.

Lockerbie room 17

Sup 2  Lockerbie 2Obstacle course 3SUP group Obstacle course 4

Muddy abseiling

climbing Lockerbie 1

Lockerbie 3Lockerbie 4

Lockerbie 7


All Homework will be issued on a Monday and should be returned on the Friday. Homework tasks can be completed in any order and amount to best fit around family life.


Adverse Weather Activities

Learning At Home

In case we are unable to get to school due to weather conditions, here are some activities you could try at home:

  • Read your class novel or a book of your own choice.
  • Practice your spelling words in the snow and take some pictures of these. These could be posted on Google classroom for your peers to see.
  • Help around the house, perhaps you could wash up, hoover, make your bed or make a snack for yourself or others.
  • RM Easimaths.
  • Use Google Earth to explore the popular attractions or landmarks in a city of your choice.
  • Go onto Topmarks to complete some maths or literacy activities. Choose an area we are working on in class.