Room 16

Senior Christmas Party – 16.12.19

All ready for our Christmas party!

DSC07327 DSC07329

Our Cosy Café Creations – 2.12.19

We all had a chance to make some ‘goodies’ in the cosy café today to sell at the school extravaganza. We made truffles and crispy cake Christmas trees, which were delicious!

DSC07295 DSC07291

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Our Trip to the Riverside Museum – 5.12.19

Rooms 11 and 16 had a very busy day at the Riverside Museum. We participated in a sustainability workshop in the morning then, after lunch, we went exploring!

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Great Fun at the Fun Day – 22.11.19

We all enjoyed buying biscuits, getting our nails done and guessing the unicorn’s birthday at the P7 fun day today.



Golf Lesson – 5.11.19

We enjoyed a golf lesson today with Steven Percy. It was great fun and we learned lots of new skills!

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October Update!


Fair Trade Snacks


VR Kit Fun exploring human cells as part of our science topic.


Halloween Costume Time

Drop-in and Join-In – 2.10.19

Here we are busy practising our problem solving skills on Wednesday morning. Thanks to Corey’s mum and Andrew’s mum for ‘dropping in and joining in’.

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Sponsored Walk Fun – 20.9.19

Well, we managed our 4 miles in the sunshine today! What a great day for a walk round our community.

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Abbey Dale Court Care Home Visit – 20.9.19

We all enjoyed reading our class novel, Matilda, to residents of the care home. We agreed to write and send them postcards when we got back to school, to put on their new postcard display!

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Problem Solving Challenges – August 2019

We had to work collaboratively today to solve a variety of problem solving challenges that really tested our thinking skills!

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Welcome to P6 – August 2019

Welcome to Room 16’s class page. We are really looking forward to a fun-packed, busy and exciting year of learning new things and new skills. Follow our page for regular updates!

Learning at Home

Here are some suggested activities to be working on at home:


* RM Easimaths

* Practise Times Tables 




* Practise spelling words from homework lists and common word sheets

* Read for pleasure




Health and Wellbeing


* Life Skills – help adults with jobs around the house