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Adverse Weather Activities

Just in case the worst of the weather does arrive and your child is unable to make it to class, here are some suggestions of activities that you can do together at home to help support their learning.


  • Use the letters in the word  SNOW to begin some WOW sentences, eg. Some snowflakes are falling slowly outside.
  • Practice your spelling words for this week.


  • Practice your times tables with someone at home or out loud in front of the mirror.
  • Use pasta, lego bricks or other small objects around the house to make groups to represent your times tables.


  • Use Google Earth to go on a virtual tour of Central Park in New York. Write down some of the things you see.

Magnificent Maths

creating patterns and calculating area

Creating patterns and calculating area.

Working together!

Working together!


exploring the woods

exploring the woods

DSC_0160 DSC_0154 forest 1401 forest 1401

Construction Fun with our fine motor skills!

Being part of the community

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