Room 14

Welcome to Room 14 with Mrs Bovill and Primary 5.

**Suggested activities for at home learning**


Reading for enjoyment is also beneficial for the children and they can write their completed stories into their reading passports.


The children also have their RM Easimaths and I would suggest looking at the Maths Antics videos on youtube.

Health and Wellbeing-

We are all looking forward to a new term here in Primary 5. Make sure you check in on our page regularly with what we have been up to each month.

Our PE days are a Monday and Friday for the first term. Our swimming lessons will be begin in mid November and will be a Friday afternoon.

Homework will be issued each Monday on Google Classroom. If Google Classroom is not accessible at home, let me know and we can sort a paper copy of the homework for your child.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself.

Mrs Bovill

August/ September 2018

We have had a busy start to our new term. Have a look at some of the activities we have been up to!

Physical Education

As we have been learning about Food and Nutrition in Health, we have been working extra hard in Physical Education to keep our bodies fit and health. Here we are playing a hula hoop game that required speed, co-ordination and communication with our teammates.

IMG_20180827_121208 MVIMG_20180827_121205 MVIMG_20180827_121213 MVIMG_20180827_121217

Problem Solving

Problem solving is important skill for us to master. We have been trying to solve problems in class by writing on different, unusual surfaces including hanging whiteboards, under desks and on windows.

IMG_20180906_110334 IMG_20180906_110948 MVIMG_20180906_110557

The Victorians

We have begun learning about our new class topic, The Victorians.

To start our topic we have been participating in drama that explains the daily life of the Victorians. Here we are pretending that we are working in a cotton mill.IMG_20180905_144309 MVIMG_20180905_144244 MVIMG_20180905_144245


We have been working hard on our webinar in the first 2 weeks of school. We were lucky to be joined by parents who watch us live during our webinar on mental agility. Keep looking out for our recording on the website.


Sponsored Event 2018

Have a little look at how we got on with our sponsored event on Friday the 28th of September.

IMG_20180928_122305 IMG_20180928_122311 IMG_20180928_122317 IMG_20180928_122656 IMG_20180928_122701 IMG_20180928_123011 IMG_20180928_123119 IMG_20180928_123320 IMG_20180928_123420

October 2018

Physical Education

While working on Tennis is Physical Education, we decided to create our own games using throwing and catching skills.

IMG_20181001_120752 IMG_20181001_121143 MVIMG_20181001_120805 MVIMG_20181001_121522


As part of our music curriculum, Room 14 are lucky to have Mr Payne come to teach us about rhythm and beats. This week we got an extra special treat when he brought us in a drum kit to try out.

 IMG_20181005_133829 IMG_20181005_134019 IMG_20181005_134100 MVIMG_20181005_133714


As part of our Victorian topic we have been looking at different famous people from the era. Here we are working in groups to discuss which individual we think is still the most influential in today’s society.

IMG_20181010_144156 IMG_20181010_144217

We have also been watching short information videos on the Victorian Times and creating fact files on each person we learn about.



To help us learn and revise our times tables we have been playing silly games. Here we are playing march and jump to the 4 times table.


Judo Taster

Room 14 enjoyed learning new judo moves and practising with our peers. At the end of the session we all agreed that Judo was a great sport when participating on mats and should not be used out in the playground!

MVIMG_20181023_111354 MVIMG_20181023_110652 MVIMG_20181023_110642 MVIMG_20181023_111404 MVIMG_20181023_111726 IMG_20181023_110412 IMG_20181023_110824


Happy Halloween! Here we are all dressed up with our theme Ecoween this year.


We had a fun filled day.

We went a walk around the community to show off our outfits.

IMG_20181031_094411 IMG_20181031_100017 MVIMG_20181031_094420

We completed some spooky subtraction.


And we learned how to draw some Halloween pictures by using step by step pictures.

IMG_20181031_145329 IMG_20181031_144047 MVIMG_20181031_144608

And to top it all off, we learned about the history of Halloween, its origins and how trick or treating came around!

November 2018


As part of our 1+2 language approach in Chatelherault, Primary 5 have weekly lessons on the language Mandarin. We have learned basic greetings and have also each been given Mandarin names.



To help us consider how to make our writing exciting for readers, we have been reading our spooky stories to the Primary 1s. We will also read our completed stories to our reading buddies in Primary 2.

IMG_20181102_111758 MVIMG_20181102_111753

Animal Roadshow

We were extremely lucky to attend an Animal Roadshow workshop this week in school. We learned about 3 very important animals: owls, badgers and bats. We learned lots of interesting facts about the animals including: did you know that bats are closer related to humans than mice? Have a look at our pictures of the different fun activities we got up to and ask your child what they enjoyed the most!

IMG_20181108_112027 IMG_20181108_112828 IMG_20181108_113752 IMG_20181108_115935 IMG_20181108_120712 IMG_20181108_121519 MVIMG_20181108_111803 MVIMG_20181108_112402 MVIMG_20181108_112514 MVIMG_20181108_112542 MVIMG_20181108_112556 MVIMG_20181108_112743 MVIMG_20181108_114101 MVIMG_20181108_114137 MVIMG_20181108_114210 MVIMG_20181108_114843 MVIMG_20181108_115131 MVIMG_20181108_120233 MVIMG_20181108_120538


Room 13 and 14 were luckily selected to experience a Cricket taster. We started learning the different rules of the game and some of us have picked to attend a 4 week lunch time club on the sport. MVIMG_20181121_122400 MVIMG_20181121_122405 MVIMG_20181121_122407


We have now came to the end of our 12 week drums block. We learned lots of exciting rhythms and beats to try out on the instrument.

IMG_20181123_133337 MVIMG_20181123_133327

Scottish Book Week 2018

We took part in different activities this week for Scottish Book Week. We spent time in the library, designed new book covers and dressed up as our favourite book characters.

We watched Author’s live with some of our favourite authors.


We learned a Scots poem “Tae a Thistle” and a Scots song “The Jeely Piece Song” with Room 13 which we performed for the whole school!

IMG_20181122_133118 IMG_20181122_133138 IMG_20181122_133229 IMG_20181123_095647 IMG_20181123_095713 IMG_20181123_095718

We created some book spine poetry using the titles of different books.

IMG_20181121_112602 IMG_20181121_113724 IMG_20181121_113804 IMG_20181121_113953 IMG_20181121_114023

And finally we were prepared all week to Drop Everything and Read, even if it meant we were in the ICT suite!


Christmas Trees

Room 14 started to get into the festive spirit this week. We were very lucky that Eve brought us in Grow Your Own Christmas Trees for our group trays. We used this as a team building exercise where we had to read all the instructions and carry out different jobs. It will be our team leaders’ job to make sure our trees are watered so they grow before Christmas.


IMG_20181123_135556 IMG_20181123_135600 IMG_20181123_135605 IMG_20181123_135610 IMG_20181123_135848 IMG_20181123_140236 IMG_20181123_140256 MVIMG_20181123_135933 MVIMG_20181123_140008

David Livingston Centre

Room 14 enjoyed a visit from Elena that works for the David Livingston Centre. We learned about David Livingston’s life and important work. We looked at pictures, learned about artefacts from the Victorian times and even got to make our own badges.

IMG_20181129_112211 IMG_20181129_113949 IMG_20181129_113957 IMG_20181129_114028 IMG_20181129_114033 IMG_20181129_120228 IMG_20181129_120245 IMG_20181129_120310 IMG_20181129_120318 IMG_20181129_120335 IMG_20181129_120346 IMG_20181129_120405 IMG_20181129_122057 IMG_20181129_122104 IMG_20181129_122502 IMG_20181129_122607 IMG_20181129_122634 IMG_20181129_122751 MVIMG_20181129_111748 MVIMG_20181129_114040 MVIMG_20181129_120205 MVIMG_20181129_120400 MVIMG_20181129_120443 MVIMG_20181129_122029

Dyslexia Workshop

Ms Burns came along to Room 14 to give us a workshop on Dyslexia. The aim of the workshop was to teach the children what dyslexia is and the difficulties children may face. IMG_20181127_092730 IMG_20181127_093002 MVIMG_20181127_092747

December 2018


We have began making our crafts to be sold. Here we are making our own wrapping paper.

IMG_20181203_103103 IMG_20181203_103112


Room 14 have been learning the meaning of Advent and have made our own advent calendars. Each window has either a mindfulness activity for us to complete or a random act of kindness.

IMG_20181129_094630 IMG_20181129_094641 IMG_20181129_101059 IMG_20181129_101107 IMG_20181129_101115 IMG_20181129_102804 IMG_20181129_102810

Santa Dash

We went on our annual Santa Dash this morning and had a great time walking with our reading buddies from primary 2.

IMG_20181203_094332 IMG_20181203_094343 MVIMG_20181203_093733


Room 14 enjoyed an hour long session with Soccerworx this week. We planned different games and built on our football techniques. We look forward to them returning in the New Year



Our class have been participating in weekly mandarin lessons for a couple of moths. We have learned different greeting, names and now numbers. We are practising for a showcase in February.

IMG_20181212_121014 MVIMG_20181212_121053

Rights Day

We have been learning lots about the Rights of a Child. On December the 10th Room 13 and Room 14 had a rights morning where we focused on two different rights- the right to healthcare and the right to education. We learned the importance of both rights and how lucky we are to have these rights.

IMG_20181210_100752 MVIMG_20181210_093130 MVIMG_20181210_093523


We enjoyed our yearly panto this year by M&M productions.



Although December is a busy month, Room 14 have been working hard on our maths and literacy. We have been learning about data handling and different graphs. We have surveyed other classes and even became computer whizzkids learning how insert graphs in different programs including Excel.


Christmas Party

And finally for 2018, we had our Christmas party.

We enjoyed playing games, having a dance and doing our Scottish Dancing.

IMG_20181217_143636 MVIMG_20181217_140622 MVIMG_20181217_143631

On behalf of Room 14 and myself, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mrs Bovill

January 2019

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Room 14 have had a busy start to the new year. We have been working hard on how to stay healthy, identifying dangerous substances, exercise and of course safety in a swimming pool. Here are the children working hard on circuits in Physical Education.

MVIMG_20190114_120211 IMG_20190114_120208

Our New Class Topic

Room 14 launched their new class topic this week. Our class topic is Enterprise and we have split our class into four different companies. We selected our own company names and designed group logos. We will be learning how business operate and how to make a profit.

Group 1- PFS

IMG_20190121_095119 IMG_20190121_115034

Group 2- Bumblebee

IMG_20190121_095036 IMG_20190121_115042

Group 3- Little Kids Company

IMG_20190121_095046 IMG_20190121_115021 (1)

Group 4- Thistle

IMG_20190121_095105 IMG_20190121_115029

We spent some time picking famous entrepreneurs to research to help inspire us on how to run a successful business. The entrepreneurs we researched were: Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

IMG_20190121_103212 IMG_20190121_103202

February 2019

We have had a busy start to the new month already!

We are very lucky to have Ms Cassidy start with Room 14 this month. Ms Cassidy spent some time with the class getting to know us.

IMG_20190205_121244 IMG_20190205_121236 IMG_20190205_120940

Physical Education

Room 14 have been learning new games in PE this week. We have been working on teamwork and communication.

MVIMG_20190204_115339 IMG_20190204_115354 IMG_20190204_115347

Chinese New Year

During our weekly lessons in Mandarin, we have been learning about Chinese culture. This week we made Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

IMG_20190206_144620 IMG_20190206_144610

Reading Dares

This week we challenged one another to read in unusual places. Here are some of the photos we took of our dares.

image rory reading eve reading challenge Dare 4386622D-D341-4B48-B1A4-8702F9053A8B

March 2019

After much discussion, the children in Room 14 decided that they would like to learn how to play different playground games to ensure a safe, fun playtime. We learned some different games that we have been trying out on the playground and we are looking for suggestions of different games to play!

IMG_20190225_120947 IMG_20190225_122612 MVIMG_20190225_122008 MVIMG_20190225_122018


We decided to try some different yoga poses in class to help build our strength and self esteem.



At the end of our very exciting Fractions topic with Miss Cassidy, we were assigned to go on a Fractions treasure hunt. It was a race against time and we had to work in our teams to show working and get the correct answer.

IMG_20190308_094505 IMG_20190308_094457 IMG_20190308_094449 IMG_20190308_094439 IMG_20190308_094414 IMG_20190308_094352 IMG_20190308_094337


As part of our weekly Mandarin lessons we have learned how to say lots of new vocabulary. This week, we had a turn at trying chop sticks. The girls and boys had a competition to see who could win the most points. The larger items had small points but the tiny objects, like seeds, were high scorers. In the end, it was a draw!

IMG_20190313_123154 IMG_20190313_123137 IMG_20190313_123130

Autism Awareness Week

We had a great week joining in on Autism Awareness Week. This year we took an active approach to the awareness week and the highlight of the week was bring our bikes and scooters into school. During our slot, we spent time with different classes that we wouldn’t always work and play with! Here is a selection of photos from the week.

IMG_0390 IMG_20190327_113505 IMG_20190327_113522

April 2019


To introduce our new topic Europe, we have been learning about famous European artists from the different key countries that we will be focusing on. Firstly we learned about Pablo Picasso and his cubism technique.

IMG_20190416_112234 IMG_20190416_112237

Next we learned about Henri Matisse and his fauvism technique. Here we are “painting with our scissors”

IMG_20190416_112205 IMG_20190416_112154 IMG_20190416_112119 IMG_20190416_112106

Forest School

For the next 6 weeks, Room 14 will be participating in Forest School. So far we have been den making, bug catching, lighting fires and lots more. This week we made transient art of animals that we really enjoyed.


Rugby Festival 

Away back at the start of the year, Room 14 had some rugby coaches come and teach us the rules of the game. This month we went to a festival with 5 other schools from Hamilton. The children had a ball trying the different activities especially the tackling bags.



It was the perfect weather this week for some rounders! We learned how to play the game and work as a team to knock our opponents out.


Mary Poppins

After months of work we had our final curtain call on Mary Poppins this week. We loved performing it and hope you enjoyed watching it!


Forest Schools

We are now on week 4 of our Forest School session. This week, Miss McInally challenged us to the Human Knot game where we had to tangle ourselves up and find a way to get back to our original circle without letting go of our hands!

IMG_20190529_101929 IMG_20190529_101934 IMG_20190529_102214 MVIMG_20190529_101923


We have been learning about the different compass points and how to create a pathway from one point of the playground to another. We even used compasses to help with our pathway.

MVIMG_20190530_102327 IMG_20190530_102349 IMG_20190530_102334_1 IMG_20190530_095909

June 2019 

Health Week

It has been a very busy week for Room 14 as we participated in health week. Have a little look at all the activities we got up to!

We learned how to save lives and perform CPR

MVIMG_20190606_144138 MVIMG_20190606_144145

We watched a Road Safety When Cycling video and created awareness posters


We had races with the other Primary 5 boys and girls

IMG_20190606_112328 IMG_20190606_112328

We participated in a Karate taster


We had a debate and completed a piece of Discursive writing on whether children should be taught first aid in primary schools.


At Forest Schools, we made very healthy snacks on the campfire (we also had some not-as-healthy snacks too)


Lastly, we had a wonderful day on Friday at Sports Day.


Frankie and Benny’s

We had an fantastic time on our trip and we even spotted Oor Wullie on the way down!