Room 14

Welcome to Room 14’s website page with Primary 5 and Mr Hyndman

Numeracy Webinar

On Monday 24th February Room 14 hosted a Webinar focusing on Numeracy. The session gave viewers an opportunity to share in the learning that takes place in Rm 14.

If you were unable to join the Webinar, it can be viewed below.



We are all looking forward to the new term starting. Make sure you check back regularly for updates on what we have been up to!

Our swimming lessons will start the first full week back (week beginning the 19th of August) and will take place on a Friday afternoon. Our other Physical Education slot will be on a Tuesday.

Homework will be issued each Monday (where possible) in homework diaries and can be handed in throughout the week, when your child has completed it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Mrs Bovill

Meet the Teacher Event

Thank you for all the parents that attended the event on Friday afternoon. For those of you who were unable to attend, here is a brief outline of topics discussed:

Peer and Self Assessment: The children have been spending their first few weeks in Primary 5 learning how to effectively peer and self assess their work. They have been using the wording of their learning intentions to ensure their feedback is meaningful and constructive. We have been using 3 marking codes in class: WWW (What went well), EBI (Even better if) and INK (I now know).

In Mathematics we have all completed a block of shape and are now moving onto learning about numbers to 10,000. We are continuing to read Mr Stink in Literacy before moving onto group novels.

Our Physical Education blocks are on a Tuesday and our swimming lessons take place every Friday afternoon until mid November. We have weekly music lessons from Mr Payne and may even have the opportunity to play some drums! Our Forest School block will be in the summer term!

If you have any questions about anything above, please feel free to contact me.

Physical Education

We have came back with a bang and have been working hard together in PE. For the first few weeks of term we have been working on team building and supporting one another. We completed an activity where our partners had to guide us through the busy gym hall while staying at the same speed and distance. It certainly was a challenge!


Morse Code

This week we were linking the Victorians to Mathematics. Using our problem solving skills, we have been solving Morse Codes. We found it so interesting that we even tried our own codes!

IMG_20191001_142628 IMG_20191001_142809 MVIMG_20191001_143151

Silent Reading

We know how important it is to read for enjoyment. We have been having some designated time each day to read our books. We enjoy weekly blocks of library time and love spending time reading our new books.



We have been learning how important our Rights are by linking what things we have now compared to the Victorians. Victorian children had no rights and we realised how lucky we are to have an education, the right to be heard and the right to rest and play.

MVIMG_20191009_140728 MVIMG_20191009_140720 IMG_20191009_140751 IMG_20191009_140732


Room 14 have very busy Fridays! We are lucky to receive music tuition from Mr Payne. This week some of us had the opportunity to try out playing a beat on the drum kit. We had great fun and the other half of the class are looking forward to having a chance next week!