Room 12


Mr Hyndman will be responsible for the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McIntyre will be in class on Thursday and Friday.

Snow Days/Adverse Weather
In the event that worsening weather conditions cause school closure, below are some suggested activities for children to support their learning in class:
RM Easimaths is also available through Glow.
Children can continue to read for pleasure and make notes to complete their Reading passport (First Minister’s Reading Challenge).  Try reading different genres and using the reading strategies we have learned in class.
Our now Topic is Polar Lands…Look at the weather outside!!
  • What is the temperature?  How does this compare to the temperatures found in the Arctic and Antarctic?
  • How could this weather affect the lives of people living in the Arctic?
  • What difficulties could people or animals face in freezing conditions?
  • What other interesting facts can you find about Polar lands?

Class Information

  • Our PE days have changed for this term and are now Tuesday and Friday, where we will be learning to play tennis!  Please remember your PE shorts and polo shirt.
  • Primary 4 lunches cost £1.65.   (The correct money would be greatly appreciated.)
  • Milk costs 20p.
  • Remember to cover you homework diary.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Term 1

We have had a really busy term and have been learning lots of new things. Below are a few of the highlights.


Our science topic was all about magnetism.  We explored the strength of magnets and looked at what materials are magnetic.  We looked at how magnets are used in everyday life and had great fun magnet racing!

IMG_5718          IMG_5717    IMG_5722                                          IMG_5726


We have been developing our handball and football skills further during our PE sessions. We had some great coaching from Rory Graham and Owen Straiton during our football activities.

We have also been playing team games to develop our co-operation skills.

Mr Hyndman has also been developing our Hockey skills.

                         IMG_5813                                             IMG_5812                    IMG_5816                     IMG_5817           


In numeracy we have been extending our knowledge of addition and subtraction.  

Primary 4 have been looking at different ways to calculate an answer and deepen their understanding of number. They have also been working on Symmetry, Co-ordinates, Directions, Compass Points and Angles.

Primary 3 have been working hard on consolidation new multiplication facts. They have been completing tasks on Grid References, Compass Points, Patterns, Symmetry and Tiling.

IMG_5797   IMG_5795IMG_5800


Thank you for bringing your fabulous pumpkins to school. They were fantastic!!!!