Room 11

Welcome to Room 11’s Class Page for 2019/2020!

We have had a superb start to the year. We have all met with our pupil groups to start planning for what we are going to be focusing on this year.

We have joined up with our stage partner class, room 16, to start planning our interdisciplinary topic looking at Life Through the Decades from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The children have also revised previous learning on the UNICEF Rights of the Child and we have used this to start making our class charter for rights and responsibilities.

Our class have been learning a lot about Climate Action as part of our whole school Global Goals Day on Friday 23rd August.

We made our own jelly Eco systems and we learned about the Climate Change Movement happening across the world and how we can help.

Bike-ability will start for primary 6 on 3rd September. We will be getting help from Blantyre Bikes to try and increase skills and confidence in our cyclists. Anyone with a bike will be asked to bring it in and anyone who does not have a bike can use one of the bikes provided by the Blantyre Bikes provision. We also have 3 wheeled bikes purchased by ARCHWAY which can be accessed by anyone who finds it tricky to cycle on 2 wheels.

For Science we will be learning about DNA and Inheritance and for P.E we will be using the bikes slot and our other slot which is on a Monday, to learn about the skills in gymnastics.

There will be a meet the teacher afternoon on September 6th. This will be a chance to come in and see our class and talk to the children and myself about our plans for the year.

We hope you can make it!