Room 11

Hi there,

As per the recent announcement from the first minister, we are awaiting further information from slc regarding school closures.

In the meantime, I have invited all of the children to join Google Classroom via their glow. They should all know their glow username and password as they use this everyday in school to log in.

If there are any problems logging in, please e-mail me directly on

Once the children have accepted, I can add parents to the online classroom too.

Also, please see the attached link below, detailing many of the educational websites that we use in school. It will be beneficial for the children to try and maintain their skills by accessing these websites as frequently as possible.

If there is anything I can help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stacey Stevenson



Some of the highlights from Jan – March


The children were learning about the water cycle as part of our Primary 6 science topic. We recreated the water cycle using hot water, ice, cling film and two bowls. We successfully made precipitation in a bowl.


20200304_134726 20200304_134720


We also practised lots of strategies for multiplication. Here is Isabella after successfully completing Tommy Treks, practising her multiplication skills.

20200227_112954 20200227_112829

Our class were top bananas at the fair trade tuck shop. They worked most of the day, preparing the stock, pricing the items and also calculating cost and change independently. Fantastic work!

We also bought the items using the Asda grocery website. A very valuable skill for life.


20200228_102051 20200228_094126

Here is Calvin, after completing some fantastic multiplication problems on the whiteboard! What a star!


Here are the children using the chromebooks and computer to plan a recipe to make in the cosy café. They were in charge of creating a shopping list and working out the budget.

We ended up making Korey’s red velvet cake and it was amazing!

20200311_135909 20200311_135749 20200311_135740 20200311_135728


Forest School Dec 2019

We have had so much fun at forest school over the last two weeks. One the first week we were out in the woods building dens, using the saw to practise our skills in sawing wood and also exploring the environment and the creatures living there, using the bug viewers.

Due to adverse weather on our second session, we brought the outdoors indoors and had so much fun in the class with dens, making bow and arrows, wands and we enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate.




2019 Christmas Fun!

We are having a lot of fun preparing for Christmas time. We are looking forward to selling our Christmas Eve Crackers at the Christmas Cracker event.

Thank you to all of the children for their fantastic contribution to our Christmas fundraising. Our class raised £44, which is a fantastic result!

The children also got into the Christmas spirit and helped to decorate the school and classroom.


Don’t worry I wasn’t scared. Just really surprised to see Olaf in my school!


We loved the snowball fight in the corridor!










We had a very successful few weeks at bikability. We all passed our level 1 certificate. Well done to everyone who took part!




Welcome to Room 11’s Class Page for 2019/2020!

We have had a superb start to the year. We have all met with our pupil groups to start planning for what we are going to be focusing on this year.

We have joined up with our stage partner class, room 16, to start planning our interdisciplinary topic looking at Life Through the Decades from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The children have also revised previous learning on the UNICEF Rights of the Child and we have used this to start making our class charter for rights and responsibilities.

Our class have been learning a lot about Climate Action as part of our whole school Global Goals Day on Friday 23rd August.

We made our own jelly Eco systems and we learned about the Climate Change Movement happening across the world and how we can help.

Bike-ability will start for primary 6 on 3rd September. We will be getting help from Blantyre Bikes to try and increase skills and confidence in our cyclists. Anyone with a bike will be asked to bring it in and anyone who does not have a bike can use one of the bikes provided by the Blantyre Bikes provision. We also have 3 wheeled bikes purchased by ARCHWAY which can be accessed by anyone who finds it tricky to cycle on 2 wheels.

For Science we will be learning about DNA and Inheritance and for P.E we will be using the bikes slot and our other slot which is on a Monday, to learn about the skills in gymnastics.

There will be a meet the teacher afternoon on September 6th. This will be a chance to come in and see our class and talk to the children and myself about our plans for the year.

We hope you can make it!