Room 10

With the snowy weather upon us, there may be days that children will not be able to come to school, or that the school will be closed. Please find below a list of activities that children can engage in if they are unable to come in:

  1. Get out in the fresh air for a walk, build a snowman, go sledding, have a snowball fight
  2. Get Arty – Draw the view from the window or any other snowy scene
  3. Complete a level in RM Easimaths, practice the times tables
  4. Read a book and draw a picture of the main characters, make up a different ending and share it with someone.

Whatever you choose to do, have lots of fun and please stay safe…


We have been learning all about symmetry…


Creating a piece of digital visual art.


Creating symmetrical models out of Lego.

We have also been learning about fractions using blocks as a visual aid…


We have got so many great things in store this year. Please visit this page for regular updates…