Room 1

Numeracy – Learning about TIme – 18.03.19

We have been learning how to tell the time over the last few weeks. We know the important times of our day and what this will look like on the clock. We have enjoyed learning about analogue and digital clocks and how the time will look on each of these. We can tell the time and are getting very good at telling Miss Carberry when it is time for snack!

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We had lots of fun using the timers and stop clocks to time how long different activities take. We were using the stop clocks to see how many star jumps we could do in 30 seconds…we were super fit! Parker, Nolan and Marley were trying to beat the clock when doing their adding and taking away challenges.

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Pancake Day – 5.03.19

We had lots of fun today decorating our own delicious pancakes. We even tried to flip and catch them on our plates…we were great at this! I think we might have some little pancake chef’s in the making.

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Space and our Planets

Our IDL Topic this term has been ‘Day and Night’. We have been learning all about the planets and our solar system. Today, we explored all of the planets and their special features. Did you know that some planets have water on them. Others are so hot that there is no human life on them. We even used shaving foam and paint to create our own planets with bumpy craters on them.

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All Things Symmetrical…

This week in Maths, we have been learning about symmetry. We have enjoyed exploring different materials to make symmetrical pictures. Logan and Lewis enjoyed using the lego blocks to make symmetrical floor pictures. We had lots of fun using the art and craft materials to create our own symmetrical messy plates. We even painted our own symmetrical tshirts. We used the mini mirrors to check where the line of symmetry was.

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Adverse Weather Warnings – week beginning 28.01.19

With lots of snowy and icy mornings recently, it can be difficult for some of us to get into school. If this happens, here are a list of some activities you can do at home to continue your learning:

  • Top Marks ( – Daily 10 Addition and Subtraction Practise
  • Make a snow diary of the activities you did when it was snowy.
  • Revise the words in your word tin and make sentences with each of the words.
  • Use the sound cards given for homework this week to make and read 3 letter words (or more if you want a challenge!)
  • Play a board game or a turn taking game with someone. Remember to say ‘well done’ if they win.
  • Help Mum/Dad/Gran/Grandad etc make some lunch or dinner for everyone. Think about weighing and measuring ingredients and counting out how many plates etc need to be shared out.
  • Continue to read for enjoyment at home and share a book with someone. Talk about your favourite part of the story and you can even make up a different ending.


Learning about Scotland – 21.01.19

One of our rights is to have the right to know about our culture and where we come from (article 30). We have been spending time this week learning all about Scotland, where most of us come from. We have been exploring different Scottish cultures such as Scottish food, tartan and even the Loch Ness Monster! We have been using the sand to make sandcastles that we might find on Scottish beaches such as Troon or Ayr Beach.  We had a lovely Burns Supper where we tried lots of traditional Scottish foods such as oatcakes, haggis, neeps and tatties and shortbread. Some of us even had a wee sip of Irn Bru! 

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P.E – Football – 20.11.18

As part of our gym time, we have been enjoying learning about the skills we need for football. We have worked with Cara, a football coach, to help us with our fancy footwork and dribbling skills. We work in pairs to travel with the ball and then practice shooting into the goals. What a  great way to start the morning with a game of fun football!

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Scottish Book Week 2018

We have been enjoying lots of activities during Scottish Book Week to develop our love of reading. We have spent lots of time in the library exploring new texts and even enjoyed reading our books to our friends in the nursery (we are such amazing readers now!) We also enjoy our ‘reading buddy’ time after lunch where we share a new story with our P7 buddies. We will be dressing up as our favourite book characters on Friday….can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes!

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Weekly Target Setting

Every week we set targets with our Primary 7 buddies. On a Monday, we talk about the things we are going to be learning that week. We take time to discuss this with our buddies and then we choose one that we want to practice. All week we work hard to practice our target and then on a Friday, we talk about the progress we have made. We enjoy doing this with our buddies.

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Outdoor Learning – 12.11.18

We had lots of fun exploring the woods! We looked for lots of materials that let us know it was Autumn. We found brown leaves, acorns and even a squirrel. We were so safe in the woods and knew the areas that were safe to explore. We will continue to explore the woods to enhance our learning.

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Making Gloop

We had lots of fun making our own slime and gloop! When we explored the slime, we found lots of letters we knew inside it! We were working as a team to put the sounds together to make gloopy words!

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Sharing stories with our Buddies – 7.09.18

Our Primary 7 buddies have been busy writing about what it means to be a buddy….the responsibilities, the challenges and the things they enjoy about it. They wanted to share this writing with our Primary 1s, who loved hearing all about it! We will miss them this week whilst they are in Lockerbie, but they will be so impressed at how much we can do on our own now!

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Reading Time – 3.09.18

We have been enjoying our ‘Paired Reading’ Time where we get to share and read new stories with our friends. Our stories have some characters we know in it such as Kipper,Floppy, Biff and Chip. We take time to listen to our friends reading us there story and then we read ours. We take our books home to share with an adult too….we are amazing at reading our new stories!

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What have we learned this week ? 31.08.18

We have been learning to write ‘ticklish Two’ – Darcy

I have learned about Greedy Zero – Ashleigh

I know all about butterfly three – Nina

I can say the sound ‘a’ and sing ants on my arm – Holly

We wrote our own stories about Kipper – Ayaan


This week, we have been learning some new sounds – a and t. We have been exploring where these letters are in the alphabet and finding things that begin with each sound. We have also been using our magnetic letters to make some new words. We enjoy working with a buddy to do this! Roll on our rapid readers…

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Our First Week

We have had lots of fun during our first full week in school. We have spent lots of time getting know our new friends and playing safely with them. Our target this week is learning to sit in safe space to make sure that we don’t hurt anyone. We are doing a fab job with this!

At number time, we have been learning about Greedy Zero. He is a greedy gorilla with a big round tummy like a zero. We have been using play doh, lego and writing materials to practise this number. We can choose how we want to showcase our learning by choosing which activities we want to go to. Have a look…

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Primary 1 – August 2018

Welcome to Primary 1! What a great first few days we have had!  We have settled well into our new class and have enjoyed meeting lots of new friends! ! We have all been working so hard and we love learning lots of new things ! I think we have some very clever cookies in Primary 1!

Our gym days this year will be Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure children have shorts, t-shirt or polo shirt and indoor gym shoes. It would be great if all clothes and shoes are labelled with your child’s name to ensure things get back to the right home :)

Homework will be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday. Don’t forget to bring your reading book to school each day.

We have a very exciting term ahead and look forward to posting our achievements on our page. Keep checking for updates on what we have been learning !