Room 1

Bonfire Night 

Today, we explored colour mixing when creating our very own firework pictures. We made lots of new colours! We also copied fireworks patterns with chalk, our designs were super! Some of our boys and girls chose to write descriptions of the fireworks they have seen so far this week. We even used wow words like ‘shiny’ and ‘sparkly’! Remember to keep safe tonight if you are going to see the fireworks….I bet they won’t be as colourful as our designs!


bonfire paint bonfire painting bonfire mark making

Halloween Fun in Primary 1!

We had lots of Halloween fun today in school, dressed up in our fabulous costumes! We went on our school community walk and spotted some very spooky houses on the way. We learned how to sign ‘Happy Halloween’ in Makaton and we had lots of fun making Halloween cookies for our families. You might even spot a cobweb or 2 on our cookies!! Well done to everyone’s super efforts!



IMG_4982 IMG_4981

IMG_4979 IMG_49762ADDC8BE-7B74-4168-B875-5C836E0633D14915EDD8-8203-4E80-A181-23D56B9B21D0

Healthy Bodies – Healthy Minds!
October 2019

We have been learning about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and our brains busy! We have been bringing in healthy snacks at playtime to give our body good vitamins. We have also been keeping our teeth sparkly clean by brushing them every day in school. To get our brains ready for the day, we start our Hello Group with a ‘Wake Up Wiggle’ each morning!

amelia toothbrushing anna toothnrushing 2 toothbrushing 1 lily rose jack

Science – Materials

This week, we read the story of The Three Little Pigs. We talked about the different materials the piggies used to build their houses and this got us thinking about what m,materials are strong, soft, bendy, squishy etc. We found lots of different materials in our classroom! We then decided to use different materials to build houses for the pigs. We did the ‘wolf test’ and tried to blow the different materials down! We had some super houses made of rubber, paper and plastic to name a few!!

thumbnail_image9 thumbnail_image8 thumbnail_image7 thumbnail_image6 thumbnail_image4 (1) thumbnail_image3 (1) thumbnail_image2 (1) thumbnail_image1 (1)


Wow, what an exciting week we have had! We became writers this week and wrote our own adventure stories of Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy. They are fabulous and the Primary 1’s have been hard at work…

image1 thumbnail_image5 thumbnail_image4 thumbnail_image3 thumbnail_image2

Primary 1 – August 2019

Welcome to Primary 1! 

I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and is ready to start our new adventure! We are going to have lots of fun in Primary 1 and make lots of new friends. Room 1 and Room 3 will be learning together and we will have plenty of opportunities to work collaboratively with all of our Primary 1 friends. 

Our gym days this year will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure children have shorts, t-shirt or polo shirt and indoor gym shoes. It would be great if all clothes and shoes are labelled with your child’s name to ensure things get back to the right home :)

Homework will generally be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday. 

We have a very exciting term ahead and look forward to posting our achievements on our page. Keep checking for updates on what we have been learning !

Miss Carberry