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Nativity 2020

On Thursday 16th of December performed in our first ‘live-streamed’ nativity. The boys and girls rehearsed for many weeks and loved dressing up for the performance.

Below are a collection of pictures from each group.





Christmas 2020



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September 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter August 2020


Maths at Home

Reading Numbers

Look for numbers around your home.

Copy them

Number hunt

Set a challenge to find numbers 0-10 in order around your home.


Count objects such as stairs, toys, socks, dried pasta shapes, pencils, croyons, coins, etc

Dice Games

Write the numbers 1-6 (several times) on a piece of paper. Each person takes turns to roll the dice and colour in a number. The person who colours in the last one is the winner.

(Why not play with 2 dice?)


 Make lego/duplo towers with repeated patterns.

Design a pattern on paper for them to create

Go on a Shape Hunt

Set a challenge to find several shapes or 10 of a shape i.e. squares.

Sort Coins

Sort coins by colour, size, value

Play shops

Play a board game

Helps children count, turn take and identify values on dice by sight


Count aloud from 0 – 10, 20 or 30*

Backwards from 5, 10 or 15 – 0*


Find all the colours of the rainbow

Sort toys by colour, shape or size


Do 20* star Jumps

Stamp your feet 20* times

Clap your hand 20* times

Sing Number Songs with Actions

10 Green Bottles

5 Little Ducks

5 Currant Buns in the Bakers shop

Literacy at Home

 Read a Story

 Read some of your favourite stories.

Make up a new ending to a well-known story.


Talk about the characters and what they might do next?


Rhyming words

Read nursery rhymes and stories that rhyme (Julia Donaldson). Listen for rhyming words and identify them.

Alternative Endings

Read a familiar story and make up a new ending.

Perform a Puppet Show

Use teddies, dolls or why not make sock puppets

Go on a Bear Hunt

Get your child to recall the story while using your own special effects to set the scene.

Have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Bring a bear, snack and your favourite story or song.

Learn a new poem or a rhyme
Colour in and draw pictures Letter/Word Hunt

Find letters or words around your home

Copy them

Letters of the Alphabet

Look for letters from your name

Write your name

Trace your name

Finger gym

Use tongs to move objects from one bowl to another

Use scissors to snip


Letter Formation

Fill a tray or plate with salt, rice, flour, glitter or shaving foam and practice writing letters of your name or draw a picture.

Write a Story

Draw a picture or one for a beginning, middle and end.

Ask an adult or big brother or sister to write the words for you.

Play a game

Play iSpy (use colours instead of letters)

Hide and Seek


Have a Theme Day

Be a superhero, princess, pirate, animals…for a day



Chatelherault Primary and Nursery Class

Useful Websites

A huge selection of stories read by actors.

 CBeebies helps pre-schoolers learn whilst they play fun games, watch clips, sing songs and make things with their favourite CBeebies characters and shows.

This collection of activities/ideas is simply here to help parents and carers find fun things to do if they find themselves unexpectedly at home with younger children.

Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.

Educational Games for Children

No permission slips required. These virtual events let educators take students to amazing places and give them remarkable experiences, without ever leaving the classroom.

The game that makes learning to read fun.

 Free eBooks collection, developed for children aged 3–11 years old.

The world’s most detailed globe

Interactive educational resources.

At Starfall, children have fun while they learn.

Fun science experiments

Nasa for children

Learning about amazing animals

Our Lunchtime Routine

During lunch we sit with our friends and develop our skills for life, learning and work. We are very independent. We pour our own water, ask the dinner ladies for our chosen lunch, select our own salad and bread, carry our trays all by ourselves and after we are finished eating, we can also clear our plates away.


Library with Mrs Livingston

We visit the school library on Tuesday mornings. Today’s story was called Naughty Parents by Joy Gosney.

Visit to Silverton – Monday 9th March

Some boys and girls from the nursery paid a visit to Silverton. They enjoyed sharing books in the sensory room.


World Book Day – Thursday 5th March

Taking part in Literacy activities on World Book Day.

Stay and Play ‘Story Session’ – World Book Day


Stay and Play – Tuesday 25th February

Visit to Silverton Short Breaks – Monday 24th February

We have been visiting Silverton Short Breaks. They offer respite care to disabled children and young people in the local area. While there are no young people there when we visit, we can learn all about the service.  The children and young people who access this service have a great time going on outings, making their own choices, making new friends and having fun.

We will be visiting on a regular basis to take part in lots of creative and exciting experiences.

Stay and Play- Thursday 23rd January

Party Time!


Christmas Fayre – Friday 6th December

The boys and girls of the nursery had a fabulous morning taking part in the activities and crafts on offer at our Christmas Fayre.

Stay and Play – Wednesday 6th November

We hold a ‘Stay and Play’ on a monthly basis. Dates are included in our regular newsletters. Many thanks to those who came along. At Chatelherault Nursery Class we have an open door policy, if you would like to stay and play, and the date doesn’t suit, please speak to Miss Laird to make arrangement to stay.



We had a really busy Hallowe’en this year. We performed our Hallowe’en songs, accompanied by Mrs. Livingston. We took part in a Hallowe’en parade in school and around our local community.

After lunch we played party games, ‘bobbed’ for apples, pinned the BOO on the ghost, danced and had our Hallowe’en snack. Many thanks to those who managed to join us.

Rights Respecting

Nursery Charter

Nursery Charter

Our nursery charter has been evolving since August.  The elements included reflect the children’s rights and exemplifies their understanding of each of the rights we embed in all aspects of nursery life. As part of the wider school, we are working towards the Rights Respecting Silver Award. In the nursery, we focus on 4 articles from The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These are; Article 7 – the right to a name, Article 19 –  the right to be safe, Article 29 – the right to learn and Article 31 – the right to play.

Please talk to your child about these rights at home.