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Poetry Week

Poetry Week got off to a flying start with a visit from Amy’s gran who read a Scottish poem about a grumpy Tram Driver. The children enjoyed learning about the background to the poem and listening to the expressive way that the poem was delivered. We are practising Auld Lang Syne for the assembly on Monday.

Many thanks to Amy’s gran for taking the time to visit the P6-7 classes.

Poetry Reading

Diabetes Talk


Following the Health and Wellbeing lesson on Good/Bad Drugs we spoke in detail about Diabetes. Carl invited his gran in to talk to the class about her diabetes and the insulin she takes that helps her.

The talk was very interesting and we learned about type 1 and 2 diabetes. We know what to do if we ever meet someone who is experiencing a ‘hypo’ ad we know that eating a healthy balanced diet will help us to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to Mrs Keir for the very interesting talk, all the children listened carefully and asked detailed questions about diabetes.

STEM workshop for Primary 6 Pupils

Staff from NXP in East Kilbride worked with the children today on an Engineering Project. The children learned about the role of an Engineer and about the developments in technology in communication. The children experimented with sound waves and created their own telephone system.
The children had a Presentation to explain the Micro Port in cars and learned about Bloodhound which is aiming to beat the land speed record.
The children were able to be a part of the rocket car demonstration.