Celebrating Success!

P6 and P7 Cross Country Championships at Hamilton Palace Grounds on 16th March 2018

Some of our P6 and P7 pupils participated in the local heats of the cross country championship at Hamilton Palace Grounds on a very cold and windy day. They all tried their best and did us proud!

Well done to all of them, and especially to Paddy in P7 who came in 3rd and qualified for the next round at Chatelherault Country Park.


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Tyler ​

Head Teachers Award – Certificates –25th March 2019
Rm 1 Darcey For always giving 100% in her learning.
Rm 2 Emily For being kind and thoughtful to others
Rm 3 Blake For always trying his best and putting lots of effort into everything he does
Rm 4 Joshua For Great effort with his reading.
Rm 5 Joe For excellent adventurous exploring at Forest School.
Rm 7 Danii For excellent writing.
Rm 8 Andrew For keeping everyone in Room 8 smiling with all of your songs especially “10 again”.
Rm 10 Whole Class For working really hard to learn all about money.
Rm 11 Ben For being a confident individual and for participating in all group activities.
Rm 12 Rory For trying really hard this week during writing time.
Rm 13 The Whole Class For excellent knowledge and presentation skills at their Topic Showcase.
Rm 14 Emily For writing a very descriptive story this week. Well done Emily.
Rm 15 Euan For fantastic details in his creative story telling. Well done.
Rm 1 Louis, Lucie , Stephen, Charlotte, Reece, Lucas C, Jess, Chloe,             Bayley, Brooke, Megan, Rhun For competing in the P6/7 cross-country

event and working

extremely hard.

Rm 17 Greg, Ava, Harry, Kames, Alexander
Rm 18 Rachel, Daniel R,                     Fraser, Rebecca,                    Megan, Caitlin


Star Writer – Certificates – 11th March 2019
Room Name Reason
1  Logan
For a super story about an astronaut in space!
 For writing about her favourite book and including her opinion.
 For writing an excellent narrative story.
4  Michael  For creating and describing a new character.
5  Daniel
 For good use of Boardmaker on Clever Touch at morning group time.
 For excellent independent sentence writing.
8  Andrew

 For writing good information about old and new toys.
For excellent work at spelling.
 None this week
12  Rory
 For a fantastic diary extract about a trip to a Polar Land!
13  Isla  For a super first paragraph about her William Wallace story.
Dale  & Callum
 For writing a wonderful story this week in narrative writing
15  Zack  For creative a super detailed fact file about New York City.
16  Megan  For writing a fabulous recount about our trip to Amazonia.
 For writing an excellent persuasive piece with a detailed conclusion.
18  Megan
 For a fabulous persuasive letter with complex connectives.
Gold Awards –  18th March 2019
Room Name Reason
1  Harley
 For always having lovely, kind manners.
2  Luke
For always working hard in his tasks.
3  Lewis
For always working hard in his tasks.
4  Dexter  For great effort!
5  Robbie
 For great work with Topmarks maths!
7  Jaxon
 For always giving 100% in class!
8  Matthew
 For always working hard and doing his morning job every day. SUPER BOY!
10  Ashley
 For always working hard and doing his morning job every day. SUPER BOY!
 None this week
12  Louis  For always trying his best in the class.
13  None this week
14  Georgia  For always trying her best and showing respect to her peers
15  Nathan  For showing 100% effort at improving his concentration
16  Lucie  For working incredibly hard on her story writing this week.
 None this week
18  Emily  For always working hard and having great manners. Keep this up in your new school.


Maths Wizard – Certificates –  15th April 2019
Room Name Reason
For excellent mental addition.
2 Grace
For explaining her working to her group to help her friends.
3 Eilidh
For excellent subtraction.
4 Ethan
For excellent subtraction.
5 Daniel
For great number work.
7 Matthew
For doing super subtraction using the compare bears.
8 Tyler
For super number bonds to 10 work.
10 Ashley
For trying her best at numeracy and being a superstar on the calculator.
11 Rhys
For excellent work in time.
12 Niamh
For excellent problem solving using division.
13 Emilia For accepting challenges in all areas of Maths and trying to recognise which strategies to use.
For working super well with money and his customers at our room 14’s enterprise morning.
15 Nathan
For magic multiplication of 2 digit numbers.
16 Nicholas , Charlie,, Jay , William
For passing an important class test in numeracy.
17 Ross For hard work and having a positive attitude during Maths
18 Emma
For persevering in maths and always challenging herself.  Keep it up!
Rights Respecting – Certificates –  15th April 2019
Room Name Reason
1 Rebecca
For always encouraging others.
For having a growth mindset and always trying his best.
3 Aimee
For always trying her absolute best.
For trying his best.
5 Robbie
For always trying his best.
For trying to join in tasks and using the finger paints.
8 Cammy
For a great start in Room 8. Always being respectful and trying new things.  Well Done!
10 Jay For always trying to be respectful in class and doing his best at all tasks.
11 Jamie
For helping to support his friend on our trip when he was scared.
12 Riley
For excellent contributions to group and peer work in class!
13 Jack For his patience and kind manner towards children in our supported classes
14 Owen
For wonderful manners to all his peers and adults.
For trying hard to be kind friend.
16 Jess  For always thinking of others no matter what the situation is.
17 Leila  For always including others and displaying wonderful kindness and manners.
18 Saim For sharing his views in class and listening to others.