Celebrating Success!


Maths Wizard  Award – Certificates – 21st October 2019
Rm 1 Jack

For  amazing adding!

Rm 2 Lewis For  trying hard to learn numbers to 100.
Rm 3 Argyll

For fantastic adding work during number time.

Rm 4 Kai

For  working hard identifying 2D shapes and their properties.

Rm 5 Alan

For doing a great job adding on Doorway Online.

Rm 6 Philip

For great measure work while making playdough.

Rm 7 Lexie

For great work exploring shapes.

Rm 8 Matthew

For fantastic symmetry work in class.

Rm 11 Jay

For 100% on his maths assessment for place value.

Rm 12 Jeriel

For excellent number work to 1000.

Rm 13 Cameron

For applying his grid reference skills carefully to locate places on different maps.

Rm 14 Isla For not giving up with large addition sums!  Well done Isla.
Rm 15 Sam

For building his concentration and using different strategies to complete his maths.

Rm 16 Corey

For being a whizz with his square numbers and square roots.

Rm 17 Reece

For challenging himself to create parabolics curves, well done!

Rm 18 Nicholas

 For working hard to find factors of whole numbers


Rights Respecting  Award – Certificates – 21st October 2019
Rm 1 Mason

For always trying his best!

Rm 2 Connor For always looking after everyone and everything in class.
Rm 3 Adeola

For always being a great memebert of our class.

Rm 4 Jaxon

For always being a god friend and being very kind.

Rm 5 Tuva

For using her manners in class.

Rm 6 Thomas

For sharing his favourite ball at sensory gym.

Rm 7 Cian

For always trying hard in class.

Rm 8 Ava

For developing her talents in music and learning to play a tune on the piano.

Rm 11 Calvin

For making positive choices at school.

Rm 12 Hayden

For having perfect manners and always working hard.

Rm 13 Alexa

For always including others and showing respect to adults and children.

Rm 14 Ella For always being a kind and respectful member of the class.
Rm 15 Room 15

For working together to build friendships in class.

Rm 16 John

For being kind to his friends and always helping others.

Rm 17 Amy

For always being an excellent role model for all the younger pupil.

Rm 18 Louis

 For continuing to be a great buddy and caring for all pupils.


Star Writer 28th October 2019
Rm 1 Josiah For writing a fantastic story all on his own!
Rm 2 Erin For writing instructions independently and including all success criteria
Rm 3 Sophie For writing amazing stories on her own and always giving 100% at Writing Time
Rm 4 Ethan For writing a super story about an interesting character
Rm 5 Tuva For super letter tracing on the Clever Touch
Rm 6 Robbie For great writing sentences about our topic using Clicker 7
Rm 7 Carly For great letter tracing on the magnetic board
Rm 8 Ava For a fantastic story about “Little Raindrop”.
Rm 11 Korey For an excellent character descriptio9n using similes
Rm 12 Millie For using her imagination toi write an exciting story.
Rm 13 Rachel For persuading us to cross the road safely using lots of information persuasive language.
Rm 14 Georgia For writing a dramatic narrative story!
Rm 15 Olivia For taking a challenge to create a fantastic piece of independent writing about World War 2.
Rm 16 Kara For creating a fabulous information report on “Life Through the Decades”.
Rm 17 Yoonus For his excellent information report on the Battle of Britain.
Rm 18 Charlotte For including a fantastic quote and facts in her WW2 writing.
Gold 4th November 2019
Rm 1 Mila For achieving her target of bringing in a healthy snack!
Rm 2 Darcy For showing fantastic resilience at Forest School.
Rm 3 Rory For really working hard to learn his new words.
Rm 4 Kai For creating a beautiful autumn poem.
Rm 5  Danii For working hard at all tasks
Rm 6 Thomas For great sharing resources at sensory gym.
Rm 7  Max For creating a super pump-kin picture
Rm 8 Andrew For trying hard to share in class.  What an improvement.
Rm 11 Calvin For making very good behaviour choices all week.
Rm 12 Emily

Sophie & Sophie

For being a very kind and helpful member of our class.

For excellent art work

Rm 13 Summer For settling in so well to her new class.
Rm 14 Zara For always offering other students and staff a helping hand.
Rm 15  Jack For always showing good friendship skills and kindness to others
Rm 16 Katie For being a superstar with effort and perseverance.
Rm 17 Yoonus For always being a kind, patient and helpful buddy to his buddy.
Rm 18 C Jay For settling in to  his new class and being kind to others.


Head Teacher’s Award – Certificates – 11th November 2019
Rm 1 Brian

For showing great effort at maths time to add 2 groups together.

Rm 2 Connor For working hard at blending sounds to make words.
Rm 3 Adeola

For always comping to school with a smile and for being kind to others.

Rm 4 Jaxon

For  always trying hard and creating a super report about lions.

Rm 5 Shaun

For all his work at Music Therapy.

Rm 6


Rm 7 Cian

For making an excellent start with PECS.

Rm 8 Joshua

For working independently on his reading task using Clicker 7.

Rm 11 Jay H

For helping out at the turnstiles at Hamilton Accies Fireworks.

Rm 12 Isla

For completing homework tasks with enthusiasm.



Rm 13 Sophie

For safely and skilfully demonstrating different kinds of rolls in gymnastics.

Rm 14 Lauren For working extremely hard to complete her Victorian day entry for a school day.
Rm 15 Cammy

For always showing enthusiasm for class work and trying his best and giving 100% in his maths.

Rm 16 Crystal

For completing fantastic research homework for Remembrance Day.

Rm 17 Bayley



For going above and beyond to complete homework tasks for our WWII topic.

Rm 18 William

For demonstrating enthusiasm towards his WWI novel and applying inference skills to answer questions.